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The box car is designed to transport various types of products (including foods) that require protection against precipitation.

There are 520 box cars in Brunswick Rail’s fleet (as of 30 June 2020).

Крытый вагон

Model Manufacturer
Box car


Speciality: Transportation of stacking and piece cargoes and some types of loose cargoes required protection from the weather
Payload capacity, t: 68
Maximum width, mm: 3266
Maximum height from rail head, mm: 4000
Tare weight, t: 26
Wheel base, mm: 12240
Length, coupler pulling face, mm: 15724


Armavir heavy machinery plant
Speciality: transportation of the piece, packaged cargoes
Payload capacity, t: 66,7
Maximum width, mm: 3242
Maximum height from rail head, mm: 4660
Tare weight, t: 27
Wheel base, mm: 13140
Length, coupler pulling face, mm: 18840
Body space, m3: 158