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30 November 2015 Brunswick Rail announces 9m 2015 interim results

30 November 2015, Moscow Brunswick Rail Limited, Russias leading privately owned freight railcar operating lessor, announces its interim results for the nine months ended 30 September 2015.

11 November 2015 Russian Rail Freight Market Overview, August 2015
In August 2015, freight volumes were at 105.2 mln tonnes (down 0.6% or -0.6 mln tonnes year-on-year), while freight turnover (excluding empty runs) was at 178.5 bln tonne-kilometres (up 2.4% or 4.2 bln tonne-kilometres).

12 October 2015 Brunswick Rail seeks waiver from secured facility lenders; provides update on internal review

12 October 2015, Moscow Brunswick Rail announces that in the course of its internal review, as referred to in the Companys press release dated 30 September, the Board learned for the first time that a small number (less than 3%) of the 3,398 railcars that are collateral under the Companys RUB 8bn secured facility agreement dated 22 July 2014 (the Secured Facility Agreement) were used in Crimea by the Companys customers causing the Company to breach certain representations and warranties contained in the Secured Facility Agreement.

29 September 2015 Brunswick Rail announces key personnel changes
29 September 2015, Moscow Brunswick Rail announced today that Martin Andersson will take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Paul Ostling will assume the duties of CEO. Martin (co-founder of Brunswick Rail) and Paul both have substantial experience with and knowledge of the business, having been with the company since 2004 and 2012, respectively.

11 September 2015 Russian Rail Freight Market Overview, July 2015
In July 2015, freight volumes were at 102.8 mln tonnes (down 0.3% or -0.3 mln tonnes year-on-year), while freight turnover (excluding empty runs) was at 179.8 bln tonne-kilometres (up 3.9% or 6.7 bln tonne-kilometres).

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