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Industry Media Reviews

8 September 2015 Brunswick Rail Media Review, September 08, 2015
Russian railways are initiating reforms
Railcar write-offs have currently not reached a strategic goal
Specialized rolling stock is demanded by the market under certain conditions

31 July 2015 Brunswick Rail Media Review, July 31, 2015
Old railcars to be upgraded by new rules
Specialized rolling stock is in demand

22 June 2015 Brunswick Rail Media Review, June 22, 2015
The issue of extending the life of old railcars and the use of innovative railcars in the network is still relevant
Railway tariff may be reviewed
Tariff for current uncoupling repair may include additional operations

19 May 2015 Brunswick Rail Media Review, May 19, 2015
Current uncoupling repairs can be included in railway rates
Expert views of the industry in a time of crisis

25 March 2015 Brunswick Rail Media Review, March 25, 2015
Rates for empty mileage can be increased for railcars with expired service life
Stagnation in the railway transportation market continues

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