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Operating Lease

  • Leases normally last between one and ten years, with the option to extend throughout the lease period.
  • Daily leasing payments are usually set in rubles or US dollars for the contract period. Contract terms may also include a regular upwards or downwards revision of the rate depending on the market situation.
  • Scheduled repairs (depot, overhaul, replacement of cast components and wheel pairs) are typically arranged and paid for by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The Customer does not make lease payments (“Lease Holidays”) while scheduled repairs are being made.
  • Current repairs are always arranged and paid for by the Customer.
  • Brunswick Rail insures the railcars at its own expense against damage, total loss and third party liability.

Operating Leaseback

Brunswick Rail acquires railcars owned byCustomers onmarket terms and gives them over tothe Customer onanoperating leasing basis. For the Customer, this provides anumber ofkey benefits, including the opportunityto:

  • Stabilise profits;
  • Divest non-core assets;
  • Retaining full operational control over the railcars.

Fleet Management and Freight Forwarding

Through our wholly owned subsidiary Proftrans, wealso provide awide range oftransportation services.

Weservice anumber ofkey industries inRussia, with particular expertise inmetals and mining. Our business model allowsus toachieve economies ofscale, which inturn enableus tohelp our clients toreduce costs and optimize the transportation oftheir goods across Russia.