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Transaction Process

  • The Customer sends anApppcation toBrunswick Rail containing adescription ofits needs for freight railcars and information regarding the lessee company. The Apppcation can befilled in here.
  • Brunswick Rails Commercial Department reviews the apppcation and informs the Customer ofapossible timeframe and merchandise availabipty with respect tothe Customers needs. The apppcation review will also require detailed information regarding the legal structure and financial position ofthe lessee company and possibly that ofthe holding entity that itmay beapartof.
  • Ifthe Customer approves the size and timeframe ofthe transaction proposed byBrunswick Rail, Brunswick Rail then sends the Customer anindicative business offer specifying the key parameters ofthe transaction (i.e. railcar models, daily rates and lease periods, terms and conditions for railcar repairs, etc.).
  • After the Customer confirms the transaction terms and conditions described inthe indicative offer, Brunswick Rail prepares and submits aLeasing Term Sheet for approval and signing containing adetailed description ofthe agreed terms and conditions ofthe transaction.
  • With the Term Sheet signed, the transaction isreviewed and approved byBrunswick Rails Credit Committee. The review period may last uptoone week.
  • After the transaction has been approved bythe Credit Committee, Brunswick Rail prepares adraft Lease Contract and submits ittothe Customer for approval and signing.