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Brunswick Rail — the partner of choice for freight railcar leasing in Russia

Since its inception in 2004, Brunswick Rail has become one of the leading railcar operating lessors in Russia, a country where rail is vital to the national economy and accounts for a substantial proportion of the entire freight transportation system.

Brunswick Rail provides its clients with the most important and value-added component of rail transportation — railcars.

The Company has built a high-quality fleet of about 40,000 railcars (as of 30 June 2020), having obtained cars either organically from manufacturers or via acquisition. The fleet composition reflects the structure of the Russian economy and the freight transportation needs of Russia’s most important industrial sectors, including metals, coal, chemicals and fertilizers, oil and gas and timber.

Brunswick Rail provides railcars to its clients under operating lease contracts the most convenient and flexible way for companies to obtain railcars. Operating lease contracts allow clients to fulfil their transportation requirements, while at the same time optimizing their financial flexibility by removing non-core assets from their balance sheets.